[blfs-dev] Help blfs

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL jmengual at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Aug 12 15:38:56 PDT 2012


As you may know, I have helped this project since 2008, with
translations. With Denis and other contributors, we translate into
French LFS, BLFS books, and also others.

But with Gnome3 and GUI evolutions, I start being fed up with
traditional distros, especially I feel I cannot help them as their
contribution processes are so complex. I feel I could use (I'm building)
and help blfs now.

But for that, I need methodological help. I wonder how editors can
maintain up-to-date so much areas and packages. At every new LFS
release, do you build again a new system? And do you re-install all
packages you need? It's very, very long time. So do you use at least
some scripts? Or some system to home a common workspace where you work
beyond your own machine?

I'm fixing my kernel panic issues and I'll have my LFS 7.1 done. And I
plan to use it. Would it be enough to help? I plan helping because I
imagine that in some areas, updating packages doesn't imply changing so
much instructions. Moreover, what's your method to know packages
contents? Does the edguide book say that? Or this provided with LFS?

Finally, how can I start contributing? What's the best approach with
submitting write patches (or packages update)? Where can I submit? etc.

Once I've my LFS, I plan to install things to help in blfs-support, if I
have the good level for that. Indeed, I know to build, but I do not know
to program.

I hope I can help and try contributing, as, since Andy gone, indeed BLFS
staff is smaller.

Thanks for all your answers. I hope I'll help usefully. Otherwise, I'll
be happy to have tried.


       Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
       Président de l'association traduc.org 
       Coordinateur du projet Linux From Scratch
       Coordinateur au sein du projet Trad GNU de l'April
       Animateur suppléant du groupe de travail Accessibilité de l'April

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