[blfs-dev] [BLFS Trac] #3413: CUPS 1.6.1

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Aug 3 13:43:22 PDT 2012

On 08/03/2012 09:59 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I'm not sure why we would need to host files that are available at
> openprinting.org.  Is it just that you want to lock in a developemnt
> version?

Well, those are snapshots, and are always named after the current day, 
ie for today, package name is foomatic-db-4.0-20120803.tar.gz. There are 
also two files, foomatic-db-4.0-current.tar.gz and 
foomatic-db-current.tar.gz, which are possibly symlinks to 
date-versioned one. I guess we could use -current, but ... If some 
change occours, we might not be prepared. That's why I asked to have 
some snapshot on the servers and write and/or correct instructions for 
that one only.

> BTW, I have a postscript printer (HP) that also understands PCL.  Is
> there something you would like tested?  I generally run the printer off
> my wife's computer, but I can switch it to my LFS development system for
> testing.  The printer is parallel only and I use a parallel<->usb
> converter cable, but my development system can use either parallel or usb.
>     -- Bruce

Well, any help (it works or not) is welcome. Paralel and serial backends 
are also dropped from Cups and moved into cups-backends package. I'll 
see if I can get done new instructions tomorrow so you can see if that 
setup actually works. I don't have any printer, I just look at 
documentation and try to incorporate any new changes.

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