Where to place the common root CA certs

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Mar 21 07:17:35 PDT 2009

Thomas Trepl wrote:
> Hiho,
> in chapter  "Root Certificates" there is a text saying that the certs should 
> be placed in /etc/ssl/certs.
> The following instructions do install them in /etc/ssl.
> What's correct?
Thomas, that is a recent addition to the book.  /etc/ssl/certs used to 
be the default CAPath for OpenSSL.  The correct logical place, in my 
opinion, is /etc/ssl.  I'll update the text in a bit.  Also, the book 
has yet to be updated to use the new file anywhere.  Several packages 
can use it so be on the lookout.  The first consumer will be OpenSSL, 
then elinks/links, lynx, wget...  William, I am not sure why it is not 
on anduin, will look into it in a few.

-- DJ Lucas

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