XOrg-7.2 - libXcb

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Sat Jun 30 19:17:55 PDT 2007

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> 1) The book instructions mention that XCB is "optional", whereas libX11 pretty 
> clearly wants/expects it to be there.  Therefore, should it be upgraded 
> to "recommended"? (I have noted the book mentions the --without-xcb configure 
> option, btw).

This should be added to the ./configure line

> 3) Is there a reason XCB was not added to the book?  (It needs the 
> libpthread-stubs package and xsltproc from a quick look at the dependencies).

Yes - Java and internal Xorg problems. E.g., with libXi 1.0.2 (that comes 
with stock Xorg-7.2 without updates) any program using the XINPUT extension 
(e.g., Xdmx) would print a message about a failed assertion if you attempt 
to run it against an X server that doesn't support this extension.

XCB merely exposes locking bugs in other applications. But, since there are 
such bugs even in Xorg itself, and there is not enough time and developers 
to collect/confirm the fixes and make sure that we collected all of them, 
the decision has been made to discourage the use of XCB for Xorg-7.2.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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