Lynx-2.8.6 md5sum out-of-date

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at
Wed Jun 13 21:34:39 PDT 2007

The md5sum for Lynx-2.8.6 in both the stable & development versions of 
BLFS is incorrect as i write this. The reason is that the 
package-maintainers have re-directed our download-link to 'release-5' 
instead of 'release-4', which the currently listed md5sum is a match for.

The md5sum for release-5 is :- bd44c57d28fd3e4c9db1cd492d403600

The adjustment looks like it was made on May 9th, & i didn't see any 
mention of it in the list-archives from that date onwards, so i thought 
i'd bring it to the attention (hopefully) of someone who can edit the 
book, either by changing the md5sum or by making the download-link point 
to a specific release.

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