Incorrect Qt /usr install

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Jun 8 10:20:08 PDT 2007

patrakov at wrote:
> It makes sense to look what distributions like Debian do here. Debian installs everything in /usr and treats FHS violations as release-critical bugs.

<personal opinion only, not to be confused as arguing against
Alex's case>I've always liked the /opt method for installing Qt
(as well as KDE and GNOME) because of the ease of upgrading the
software, without worrying about the ability to go back to the
previous version.

The /opt method provides flexibility, and more importantly,
the ability to go back and check one version or another
without disturbing the other installations. This is especially
important as a BLFS dev, as there are times when newer versions
of something didn't work the same, and I could switch between
the two to figure out what a particular change would do to
both/either/all versions.

And all this is available by simply recreating a symlink. To
me, it is worth the hassle of the required $PATH, etc. changes.
</personal opinion>


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