LiveCD Version x86-6.2-pre5 Released

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Mon Jul 17 22:05:51 PDT 2006

The LFS LiveCD team is pleased to announce the latest pre-release of the
x86-6.2 LiveCD, x86-6.2-pre5. This LiveCD contains the following changes:

1) The method of making sure that the CD works on i486 processors has 
been changed. The uname hack has been dropped and replaced with the file.

2) The LFS book and the LFS packages are updated approximately (but not 
exactly) to LFS-6.2-pre1. The XML source of the book is in 
/usr/share/LFS-BOOK-trunk-XML (and can be updated with "svn up" 
command"), the HTML version is in /usr/share/LFS-BOOK-trunk-HTML.

3) GAIM has been added. The CD now contains 5 chat clients.

4) Proprietary drivers for ATI and NVIDIA video cards were added because 
there are cases when they are absolutely needed even for 2D graphics 
with refresh rate more than 60 Hz.

5) The CD now supports suspending to disk. This makes it easy to 
interrupt and resume the process of building LFS at any point except the 
testsuites. Read /root/README for more details.

Known issues:

1) jhalfs doesn't work on the provided XML source of the LFS book due to 
the issue with MD5 sums of LFS bootscripts and udev configuration 
tarball. "svn up" in /usr/share/LFS-BOOK-trunk-XML should fix it.

2) The proprietary FGLRX driver doesn't fully work with R200 cards 
(older version did work, but it lacks support for the latest ATI cards, 
the primary readon for having the FGLRX driver on the CD). However, the 
open source "ati" driver works just fine with R200 cards.

3) There is a pointless warning from the network script when suspending 
to disk and resuming. Ignore it.

4) dhcpcd sometimes fails to restart after suspending to disk. "killall 
dhcpcd ; sleep 1 ; dhcpcd eth0" after resuming should work around this.

As this CD is a predecessor of what will be finally released as
x86-6.2-1, we welcome your feedback concerning it. Please mail any
comments to the livecd mailing list.

As usual, to download the new CD, visit the LFS LiveCD download page:

Since nobody in the LiceCD team has a PPC machine, there is no official 
PPC LiveCD. However, we hope that a PPC LiveCD is buildable from 
Makefiles in SVN.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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