Problems with audio

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Jul 15 05:53:30 PDT 2006

gena-j at wrote these words on 07/15/06 07:42 CST:
>  There are a number of reasons why someone should want to build the alsa project's driver tar ball.

There is merit to Mark and Gena's suggestion of including the
installation of the ALSA Driver in BLFS. I realize it was decided
long ago that it be removed, but I suggest we revisit this.

Perhaps not for inclusion in BLFS-6.2, however, if we determine that
we should include the ALSA driver, it wouldn't be that hard to test
using the ALSA version and if it works, put it back into the book.
I don't think it could spawn other breakage down the road, so we're
probably safe changing if it is determined that we should.

[please defer all discussion of this to the -dev list]


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