Doubt about a link for gnumeric

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Sat Jul 15 04:36:29 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Alessandro Alocci wrote these words on 07/14/06 14:01 CST:
>> Hi, the symlink
>> ln -vsf $(pkg-config --variable=prefix \
>>     ORBit-2.0)/share/gnome/help/gnumeric \
>>     /usr/share/gnumeric/1.6.3/doc
>> is going to create a broken symbolic link if you have
>> gnome installed in a prefix different from /usr and
>> gnumeric installed in /usr (As per BLFS instruction).
>> Shouldn't this simply be:
>> ln -vsf /usrshare/gnome/help/gnumeric \
>>    /usr/share/gnumeric/1.6.3/doc
> Relooking at this, because it dawned on me that we moved the
> installation prefix of Gnumeric to /usr not too long ago that
> you are correct. I copied to -dev also so there will be more
> exposure. I'll try to create a ticket before it is forgotten.

Works for me. Is this a bug report or FUD?


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