Configuring SDL-1.2.11

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Wed Jul 12 02:44:23 PDT 2006

DJ Lucas wrote:
> The NAS check hard-codes the prefix values for /usr/X11 and /usr/X11R6
> in  That is silly, but the sed mentioned by Simon does
> work around the problem as done so many other places in the book.

That's what I thought, I was going to look at the form of words you've 
used in other places in the book and add something similar to the SDL 
page. The question is should we use the sed if X is installed in a 
different prefix than the standard /usr/X11R6, or should people use the 
sed only if they've installed X somewhere other than /usr/X11R6 AND they 
want to compile SDL with NAS support. SDL seems to work fine for me with 
xorg-6.9.0 installed in /usr, but as you say, SDL's configure 
specifically checks for X in /usr/X11R6 in many places so there may be 
some advantage in running the sed if X is not installed in /usr/X11R6

> As far as fixing properly, it'll be a pain without using something like
> 'which nasd | sed 's@/bin/....@@' to determine the searchpath (I know
> there is a better sed, but the command escapes me ATM).  Lets hope NAS
> ditches xmkmf, goes to autotools, and adopts pkgconfig in the future. :-)

Indeed. I think fixing SDL's is (without doing some serious 
study) beyond me so I'm happy to work around the issue with a sed in the 


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