Multimedia Updates

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Jul 11 08:28:26 PDT 2006

Hi all,

There are updates to 2 BLFS multimedia packages that I would like to
see go in the book before 6.2. There is a Trac ticket open on one of
them and I'd like the group to reconsider the comments in that ticket.
( )

Bottom line is the ticket provides a good reason *not* to update, but
my rationale for *doing* the update I believe outweighs the former.

As far as Avifile is concerned, the new version works well. The only
package that has a dependency on Avifile (Transcode) works just fine
with the updated Avifile. So it appears we really have nothing to
lose by updating (noting that the overall theory of being careful
with multimedia packages before releases is violated here).

Package 2 to update is libquicktime. A minor update from 0.9.8 to
0.9.9. The only BLFS package with a dependency (Transcode, again)
works just fine with it. Additionally, this library is important for
full functionality with MJpeg Tools. You must use a CVS version of
MJpeg Tools in order to use the book version, or the updated version
of libquicktime. So, again, it appears there is nothing to lose.

Additionally, there is another package that has been updated. I'm not
sure this one should go in the book yet, libmpeg3. Apparently there
is an API change along with bug fixes. The only dependency for
libmpeg3 is Transcode again, and it doesn't like this new version of
libmpeg3. The build fails. But...

The libmpeg3 module was disabled, then removed from the CVS tree of
Transcode not too long ago, and a release should be happening soon.
So, I recommend holding off on libmpeg3 until a new version of
Transcode is released.

Other thoughts and opinions on all three packages are requested.


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