JDK-1.5.0-07 nitpick

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at lfs.lucasit.com
Sun Jul 9 02:41:34 PDT 2006

Simon Scheiwiller wrote:

> If I understood the sed command correctly, it replaces /usr/X11R6 in the
> files with /usr or whatever </usr> is replaced with. So /usr/X11R6 is in
> the original files and mustn't be changed, because otherwise the sed
> command wouldn't make sense at all. But if you have another X prefix than
> /usr (say /usr/X11R7 you have to change the sed argument to
> 's@/usr/X11R6@/usr/X11R7 at g'
> Am I completely wrong here?

NO..your are completely right! :-)  Rereading the OP, I had thought your
interpretation of 'prefix' was incorrect until a few seconds ago.  Now,
what to do to make it more clear for others that will read it in the
future?  I think replacing '</usr>' with '<PREFIX>' in the book's
command should make it more clear what to do.  Also, replace 'adjust as
necessary' with 'replace <PREFIX> with your X Window System installation
prefix' in the text above the command.  Sound good?

-- DJ Lucas

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