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Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Jul 4 08:44:58 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 07/04/06 10:38 CST:

> No, it installs another binary called pam_console_apply.

Is this program run by the module, or directly from
the command line? If not command line, it would be nice to put it
in the /lib/security dir. What do you think?

> I'm not recommending it. You asked me to look into changing the
> instructions in the Gnome-2.14.2 bug. I'm would add text that RedHat
> has developed some external modules including pam_console. Some
> packages like HAL and G-V-M can use it. If you want to use
> pam_console, blah blah blah.

Great. Could you also mention *how* some packages such as HAL and
GVM can use it? A brief mention that "users at the console blah,
blah, blah; see the HAL/GVM (whatever is applicable) instructions
for further information about using pam_console". Note the paren
stuff isn't included, just a note to you.

Again, what do you think?


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