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Juerg Billeter j at
Mon Jul 3 23:18:18 PDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 20:01 -0500, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Has anyone had any success trying to unlock the screen using the PAM
> authentication scheme with Gnome Screensaver? I have spent more time
> on it than I care to admit and have not been able to do it. What I
> mean BTW, is that once locked, I cannot unlock the screen using the
> authentication mechanism.
> [...]
> Additionally, I'm trying to use 2.14.2, and I've also tried 2.15.3.
> I tested the 2.15.3 version because in the ChangeLog it says
> (paraphrased) "Modified the PAM setup so that it actually works".

Works for me with both, 2.14.2 and 2.15.3, and Linux-PAM,
Shadow 4.0.15, and using MD5 shadowed passwords. Hm, I've just noticed
that BLFS doesn't mention to setuid root unix_chkpwd of Linux-PAM,
doesn't that mean that PAM doesn't work for non-root applications when
using pam_unix? I'm pretty sure that gnome-screensaver can't work like
that as there is no way to access /etc/shadow...

BTW: xscreensaver works because xscreensaver itself is installed setuid
root, iirc.

Juerg Billeter <j at>

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