minor nits with current svn

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 2 07:49:07 PDT 2006

David Jensen wrote these words on 07/02/06 09:30 CST:
> I completed? a new LFS/BLFS svn.  It was hard to find anything to mention.
> FLAC-1.1.2
>     could use --enable-sse (see libFAME  Command Explanations),
>     but then we are not really doing optimizations, are we?

A mention of sse on the FLAC page similar (the same) as the one
on the libfame page would be prudent. Good catch!

> Vorbis Tools-1.1.1
>     --enable-vcut should have a Command Explanation.

I agree.

> GNOME-Media-2.14.2
>     a 'gst-register' command, now defunct, should be removed.

Agreed. Good catch. Thanks!

> gedit-2.14.3
>     a new hard coded search highlight background color,
>     unusable for me.  maybe a suggested sed:
>     sed -i 's:FFFF78:<some-color-you-like>:' \
>         gedit/gedit-document.c

I'm going to have to disagree here. The search facility considers
'found' text to be 'highlighted' (gnome terminology). The default
highlighting color in almost every application I've ever come across
is yellow, as is gedit.

I suppose however, something like "There is no way in the preferences
to change the color of highlighted (such as when you search for text
and it is found) text. If you wish to change the color, use this sed:

sed ...

This would need to be in the configuration section. Consider it done.

> I'll try to figure out Trac, I expect there are things to be done.

As always. And welcome back David.


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