X Configuration/ KDE Issues

Douglas J Hunley doug at hunley.homeip.net
Wed Dec 20 15:09:15 PST 2006

Bruce Dubbs stated:
> We have kde-3.5.2 in the book and the current is 3.5.5.  The point
> releases are bug fixes and minor feature updates.  A summary of the
> fixes is at

3.5.5 has a *nasty* focus bug for anyone not using click-to-focus. *buntu has 
a patch

> I was able to fix the ACPI issue by getting acpid from sourceforge.  The
> build was make && make install, but I had to fix up the code a bit as
> warnings were treated as errors.

I have DPMS working w/o acpid here. Xorg 6.9

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