Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Dec 3 14:52:40 PST 2006

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> The server *is* indeed just about ready. I've been out of the country
> for a few weeks which was not a planned trip.
> At this point all there is left to do is some minor tasks like setting
> up log file rotation and other such admin stuff. But I may just leave
> that for post-deployment. The server can run without those processes
> just fine.
> I will need to setup a migration plan how to get the dynamic data from
> the old server to the new one without desyncs and too much downtime. I'm
> not sure yet if it will be easier to do that onsite, as in bring
> Belgarath down, setup new server, copy all data, turn on the Internet on
> the new server and drive back home. Or do a sync of such data before I
> head to the city. That would mean Belg will go offline for a few hours
> while I'm in transit. All things considered that may not be such a bad
> option.
> I'm aiming to head out to the city this coming weekend and take care of
> it then.

There really isn't much real traffic lately.  I would just shut down all
services: mail, pop, irc, mysql, imap, rsync, apache, and svn.  At that
point, sync the data, drive to Calgary, and install the new server.
Finally bring up the new services and we can go from there.  I can't see
down time exceeding 6 hours and that shouldn't hurt us.

Just give a 24 hour notice and we will all be very grateful.

  -- Bruce

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