David Jensen djensen at
Mon Mar 29 06:26:36 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> A quick note about the GtkHTML-3.0.9 installation from the BLFS CVS book:
> The installation creates an unpopulated /opt/gnome-2.4/libexec 
> directory. I wouldn't think too much about it, except the very next 
> package passes a --libexecdir= switch to configure to avoid 
> using/creating this very directory.

Is this a losing battle?  Installing gnome-2.6.0-rc2, I have 3 more 
packages now using $GNOME_PREFIX/libexec, gnome-vfs, nautilus and 
gnome-keyring. Is it really necessary to move the install to ?/sbin and 
if not does ?/libexec need to be in the path?  There is no mention of 
libexec in the FHS spec's so maybe it should be avoided, but on the 
other hand is sbin the right place, they do not seem to (all?) be 
maintenance applications.  I'll try not moving any sbin when 2.6.0 is 
out, then I'll know.  Whatever.

David Jensen

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