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On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 08:18, Larry Lawrence wrote:

> This is common, it is overwhelming how much has to be learned quickly to
> prevent the frustration and finding the correct material to read and feel
> that you are not wasting your time are real issues.  It is also hard to
> prepare users for the amount of time required to build your system, even if
> things go perfectly.  Distro's have the advantage here, but you give up a
> lot of control and you still have to learn how to configure each
> application.

No one should ever allow themselves to be bothered by how long it might
have taken them to find (or develop) a "correct" solution to a complex
problem.  At first, and for quite some while, people who are new to Unix
are going to find their research to be slow going.  This is both normal
and perfectly okay.  Changes in the field of information technology
happen at an ever-increasing pace, and there will always be new things
to learn to improve one's control over technology.  It's *only* with
time and experience that one improves one's research skills, and the
ability to research information is *the* most valuable skill that anyone
working in a high-technology field can have.  If someone spends 40 man
hours doing research to figure out how to set up a host system, the next
time they do something similar, their progress will be markedly
increased.  Buck up guys.  The benefits of hours of boring research
aren't obvious, but they _are_ very substantial just the same.

(Like, ferinstance this week I've spent a pretty copious amount of time
getting back up to speed with how fragmentation, MSS and MTU affect
transfer speeds in an attempt to isolate why the hell my housemates new
ReplayTV 55xx only wants to send video files across the 100mbit switched
network at about 45KB/s.  The only reason I've not already found a
solution is that it's been about three years since I've had to deal with
this particular type of issue, so my searching has been really, really
inaccurate, but gaining speed with every hour I spend on it.)
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