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Fri Mar 26 06:18:26 PST 2004

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> First of all I have to apologize the "replaceable"-discussion.
> I missed a file, so I was wrong on that issue. I'm sorry!
> Now I convert the "replaceables" myself and it looks better.

Not a problem.

> On Thursday 25 March 2004 22:34, Larry Lawrence wrote:
> > ...
> > nfs-client, can't confirm but from other experiences nfs-client requires
> > portmap require tcp-wrappers seems reasonable.  I can also see this as a
> > tricky install, for example, does portmap need to be installed or need
> > be installed and running.
> if I remember well, portmap was not needed for compile, but at runtime. I
> strange errors about access permission :)
This is just one area that is hard to present, it is an advance area due to
init scripts, wrappers, port listening and inetd and they ALL have to be

> > Another problem I see is that your mc won't work like it did in the
> > distribution until all the optional packages are installed.  As you
> > discovered, there is this cliff you go off of between minimal and fully
> > functional, ...
> I knew that. It was ok for me to do the first steps over the wire.
> I the build-list mc appeared again after all optional packages, so then I
> would have the desired functionality.
> > > ...
> > >usr && make && make install", I missed one time the --prefix.
> > >S..t - how to recover?
> > >I didn't know, so I started again after chapter 5 with a clean device.
> >
> > This is a good example of what blfs-support can do for you.
> I'm not that fast to ask for support. Not at the first failure.
> I'm somewhat bullish in discussions and so I am having troubles - when I
> no other idea so solve the problem, then I ask for help.

Bullish, didn't notice :), we do advise in the book to search the archives
as we really do prefer that you go through this to maximize your gain, but
it is ok to ask, you will find that the answers generally lead you to the
solution instead of giving you the solution and then its retained in the
archives to help others.
> > >May be, I was to dump to meet your 'average user'.
> > >But I'm quite sure, no one would install all packages of blfs.
> > >Further I believe, the book is a tool to mature with.
> > >But it won't be, if you only get frustrated with your first steps.
> >
> > Agreed, although you will learn more by pushing through the frustration
> > than by smooth sailing, but it is not the books intent to frustrate the
> > user.
> Agreed. Learning by frustration has a deeper impact as by smooth sailing.
> But I remember the first contact, I went back to distro, cause I had not
> time to ransack all possible web-locations and faqs to find hints to

This is common, it is overwhelming how much has to be learned quickly to
prevent the frustration and finding the correct material to read and feel
that you are not wasting your time are real issues.  It is also hard to
prepare users for the amount of time required to build your system, even if
things go perfectly.  Distro's have the advantage here, but you give up a
lot of control and you still have to learn how to configure each

> Kind regards
> Reinhard

Do enjoy the community and continue making suggestions.


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