lfs-bootscripts 2.0.2 (long)

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Fri Mar 26 02:22:51 PST 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

> sorry about the readme.  It only contains how to use the /etc/sysconfig
> configuration scripts.  [as you already said].  Once I get some of my
> homework out of the way, I'll see if I can expand the documentation
> now if I can figure out how to confirm bugs...
> for the record, the reason why killproc is unsuitable for mysql, is when
> you dont use sysvinit's pidof program.  [it always sticks mysql's main
> daemon at the front of the list (no clue why)].  [I guess some people
> prefer to use psmisc's, or whatever it was called, which sorts it in
> numerical order].

I think that the question here is: what is the "pidof" program supposed to
do? The documentation states nothing about the order in which PIDs are
returned. By arguing to use sysvinit's "pidof" program just because it
makes the old mysql initscript happy, you tell us to rely upon the
undocumented behavior. That's bad.

> oh well, at least that can be cleard up in the future.  [going to see if
> we can handle the PID files]

That would be the proper solution.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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