replaceable-handling (was: question to postfix instructions (long))

Reinhard bookreader at
Thu Mar 25 22:03:57 PST 2004

First of all I have to apologize the "replaceable"-discussion.
I missed a file, so I was wrong on that issue. I'm sorry!
Now I convert the "replaceables" myself and it looks better.

On Thursday 25 March 2004 22:34, Larry Lawrence wrote:
> ...
> nfs-client, can't confirm but from other experiences nfs-client requires
> portmap require tcp-wrappers seems reasonable.  I can also see this as a
> tricky install, for example, does portmap need to be installed or need to
> be installed and running.

if I remember well, portmap was not needed for compile, but at runtime. I had 
strange errors about access permission :)

> Another problem I see is that your mc won't work like it did in the
> distribution until all the optional packages are installed.  As you
> discovered, there is this cliff you go off of between minimal and fully
> functional, ...

I knew that. It was ok for me to do the first steps over the wire.
I the build-list mc appeared again after all optional packages, so then I 
would have the desired functionality.

> > ...
> >usr && make && make install", I missed one time the --prefix.
> >S..t - how to recover?
> >I didn't know, so I started again after chapter 5 with a clean device.
> This is a good example of what blfs-support can do for you.

I'm not that fast to ask for support. Not at the first failure.
I'm somewhat bullish in discussions and so I am having troubles - when I have 
no other idea so solve the problem, then I ask for help.

> >May be, I was to dump to meet your 'average user'.
> >But I'm quite sure, no one would install all packages of blfs.
> >Further I believe, the book is a tool to mature with.
> >But it won't be, if you only get frustrated with your first steps.
> Agreed, although you will learn more by pushing through the frustration
> than by smooth sailing, but it is not the books intent to frustrate the
> user.

Agreed. Learning by frustration has a deeper impact as by smooth sailing.
But I remember the first contact, I went back to distro, cause I had not the 
time to ransack all possible web-locations and faqs to find hints to succeed.

Kind regards


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