question to postfix instructions

Reinhard bookreader at
Wed Mar 24 09:29:00 PST 2004

Thank you, Larry, for your attention.

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 15:42, Larry wrote:
> > I found a little conflict in the sed-command, cause the '/' in
> > </replaceable> matches sed's s/// delimiter.
> > Is it possible, to use another delimiter for the sed's 's'-command?
> Have you experimented with xslt to clean up the source files prior to
> converting them to instructions.  

No, I don't use xslt. I use perl with a self-written xml-engine, so all 
conversion is done by myself.

I supposed that the  <replaceable> ... </replaceable> is used to trigger the 
editor from nALFS, so I wanted to keep that untouched for the 

I think, the sed-command could be written i.e. as
	sed s%...<replaceable>...</replaceable>% ... %
and there would be no harm to nobody.
This variants are used all over blfs - so I pluck up courage to ask for a 

Same problem I found in configuration-section of mplayer.
There's a link command with ...<replaceable>[font size]</replaceable>...
AFAIK unquoted filenames in X-World may not contain spaces.
So how about to change [font size] to [font-size].

With that little change, the rules for filename are met and the 
<replaceable>...</replaceable> could be transferred to nALFS-profiles.

> The transformation process is progressing.  The newxml for LFS is the first
> stage of the utopia world where all LFS projects use the same source.

I appreciate that idea! No more wasting time by editing the same in multiple 
locations - great!

> Currently, it is critical that the source works for it's primary purpose,
> then namespace extensions will be added to ease the transformation process
> to alfs profiles. 

The namespaces and xpointer work great! - Lot of hardcoding could be avoided 
with the new format.

One question about dependencies.
I have the glimpse, the (some) editors don't like to have the dependencies 
meet the installation instructions. 
How about to add the (unwanted) dependencies in an entity-section, so the 
information is there (in the book), but does not get rendered to the 
Could that be a compromise?

> As much as we would like for this to be done already, it is making a lot of 
> progress.

Let me know, If I could help.

Cheers Reinhard

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