Reorganizing the book

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Mar 23 19:00:03 PST 2004

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> If the full script was omitted and the startup, shutdown, reload lines 
> are in the appropriate sections, I could go along with that, but just 
> referring to a package loses too much educational info.
>  -- Bruce
Sounds good.  We don't loose educational value, but still avoid the 
wraping problems of CnP, and tags in the wrong place, slightly wrong 
'EOF ' etc.  Also wanted to clarify _reload_ (not restart) just because 
that was the way I read it on first glance.  I was envisioning this text 
"Like damn near every other init script in the book... '$0 stop && sleep 
3 && $0 start'"

-- DJ

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