PostgreSQL-7.4.1 Installation

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Mar 23 03:36:07 PST 2004

Hi all,

Some notes on the BLFS (CVS) installation of PostgreSQL-7.4.1

1. Version 7.4.2 has been released - bug fixes - see:

2. 7.4.2 installs IAW the existing BLFS instructions.

3. To enable the various supported components of PostgreSQL,
   you must pass switches to ./configure. Here's a summary:

   NLS: --enable-nls (requires the gettext API)
   PL/Perl: --with-perl (requires full Perl installation)
   PL/Python --with-python (requires full Python installation)
   Tcl/Tk components: --with-tcl (requires Tcl and Tk)
   OpenSSL support: --with-openssl (requires OpenSSL)
   JDBC and associated JAVA: --with-java (requires JDK and ANT)
   PAM support --with-pam (requires PAM)
   Other available switches:


   These switches to configure are not presently mentioned in the
   book. The INSTALL file is not your customary generic installation
   file. It has a bunch of good stuff in it. Perhaps this should be
   mentioned in the BLFS book. Simply mentioning the INSTALL file
   should be enough to let builders know about all the installation
   switches and requirements.


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