MySQL 4.0.18 Installation

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Mar 22 23:08:46 PST 2004

Hi all,

Some notes on the BLFS (CVS) installation of MySQL 4.0.18:

1. One of the optional dependencies is readline-4.3. But to use the
   system installed readline, you must pass a --without-readline
   switch to ./configure, otherwise MySQL uses the bundled copy.
   There is no mention of this in the installation.

2. One of the optional dependencies is OpenSSL. But to configure
   MySQL to use SSL you must pass the --with-openssl and --with-vio
   switches to ./configure. There is no mention of this in the

3. To configure MySQL to use the libwrap library (tcp-wrappers), you
   must pass the --with-libwrap=/usr/lib switch to ./configure and
   have installed tcp-wrappers. Perhaps this should be mentioned as
   an option in the installation (with the optional dependency noted).

4. Perhaps the --without-bench switch to ./configure would be best
   left as an option. At a minimum, the builder should be aware that
   not including this switch builds a nice test platform to test
   the installation (some Perl modules are also required).

5. The init script stop section does not include a database shutdown
   command. I'm not sure if this is oversight or what.

6. The last instruction of the installation is to update the
   /etc/ file with /usr/lib/mysql. Perhaps this is 
   unnecessary as all the shared libraries are moved to /usr/lib
   earlier in the installation.


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