Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Mar 22 16:01:33 PST 2004

On Monday, March 22, 2004 at 4:15 PM, Jonas Norlander wrote:

> If the book mention OpenSSL and --enable-ssl it should also explaine how to make
> a certificate and configure settings in the http.conf file to be enabled to
> start the webserver with ssl enabled.
> Personally I would like to see this described in the book.

I think the hint thing is probably better. Simply because there are
so many modules that need to be added to Apache to make it a truly
functional web server. If mod_ssl procedures are outlined, what
about mod_perl, mod_auth_pam or Frontpage extensions?

I have everything in my notes required to create a hint for the
mod_ssl and mod_perl modules. I've installed Frontpage extensions,
but my instructions are only good for x86 installations. The 
instructions are complete, including the testing and funtionality
of each modules' interaction with Apache.

I can create these hints. What would be best, one hint describing
the installations of the various modules, or a hint for each one?


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