Cleaning out /tmp on startup [cleanfs]

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Mon Mar 22 14:13:13 PST 2004

> Nathan Coulson wrote:
>>I also remember a thread about XFree86, with KDE taking extra time to
>> boot
>>up, because of /tmp/.something-ICE-something was not owned by root.
> mkdir /tmp/.ICE-unix
> chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix
> It is also in the book. See the configuration section at
> <>.
> For the bootscripts, it may be preferable to make a seperate bootscript
> for this and add it to the XFree86 section instead of the current
> instructions.
> BTW, can someone confirm if this is still a problem with XFree86-4.4.0?

Final Decision

cd /tmp; find . -xdev ! -name . ! \( -name lost+found -uid 0 \) -depth
-exec rm -rf {} \; [With the help of Zack]

I was going to preserve directories, but after I thought about all the
people with tmpfs on /tmp, I rather have consistency.

The only time to make .ICE-unix is probably at boottime, maybe a 3 line
script that can go into rcsysinit.d?

After I get consensus here, I'll bug lfs-dev.

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