Latest version with DJ's patch and other fixes

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Sat Mar 20 17:33:05 PST 2004

See <> for the 
copy of the book with DJ's changes and some of mine.  Other than the 
bootscript, the notable changes are:

    * Symlinks appendix is removed since it is maintained in the
      lfs-bootscripts package and duplicating the info in the book will
      probably cause mismatch in the future if the bootscripts are changed.
    * The generic appendix is merged in the appropriate section in the
      introduction since it is very small and does not warrant a
      complete appendix.

The following is the cvs up output so that it will be easier for folks 
to concentrate only on the sections that have changed:

    M appendices/appendices.ent
    R appendices/appendices.xml
    R appendices/generic/generic.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc0.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc1.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc2.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc3.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc4.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc5.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/rc6.xml
    R appendices/symlinks/symlinks.xml
    M basicnet/netprogs/ncpfs/ncpfs-config.xml
    M book/book.ent
    M book/book.xml
    R connect/dhcp/bootscripts.xml
    M connect/dhcp/dhcp-client.xml
    M connect/dhcp/dhcp.xml
    M connect/dhcp/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-config.xml
    M connect/other/pppoe/pppoe-config.xml
    M introduction/important/beyond.xml
    M introduction/important/bootscripts.xml
    M introduction/important/pkgmgt.xml
    M introduction/welcome/askhelp.xml
    M introduction/welcome/which.xml
    M preface/whoread.xml

Comments appreciated. If there are no major objections I will commit it 
by tomorrow morning. That will also give DJ (others are also welcome) to 
submit more patches related to the bootscripts :)

Tushar Teredesai

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