bz #662 lfs-bootscripts changes

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Sat Mar 20 10:19:58 PST 2004

dj wrote:

>Okay...everything but firewall is there in the tarball.
Are you or anyone else planning to add it?

>Now to decide
>on what to do with the book.  Do the scripts get completely removed from
>the text?  That is the running idea, which I like, but I wanted to make
>certain that we had concensus.  I thought this had already been
>discussed, but wasn't sure.

>I'm submitting a patch later today on this
>attached to bz662 so you can look and see if yas like it locally.  Also,
>if a printed book is still a possibility, I wanted to ask everyone if
>they thought the black and white scripts would be better served in an
>appendix or just left to the tarball.  I'm indifferent, but I figured
>I'd is certainly easier to just leave them out.
A few days back I floated a proposal to combine the small scripts, etc 
into a package lfs-utils or lfs-scripts that would be a seperate package 
mentioned in the BLFS Book. I will create a new thread on lfs-dev and 

>A short one or two paragrap page for each of random, compressdoc, and
>netfs, looks a little funny to me with a page for each.  Can these three
>possibly be combined with the "Using BLFS Boot Scripts" page, and have
>that moved to the "After LFS" chapter?  I'll post proposed patches in
>bz662 later today if I can get to it.
Hold off on that for a while. I am going thru the book currently and 
will suggest reorganization for others to comment.

Tushar Teredesai

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