bz #662 lfs-bootscripts changes

dj dj at
Sat Mar 20 10:10:13 PST 2004

Okay...everything but firewall is there in the tarball.  Now to decide
on what to do with the book.  Do the scripts get completely removed from
the text?  That is the running idea, which I like, but I wanted to make
certain that we had concensus.  I thought this had already been
discussed, but wasn't sure.  I'm submitting a patch later today on this
attached to bz662 so you can look and see if yas like it locally.  Also,
if a printed book is still a possibility, I wanted to ask everyone if
they thought the black and white scripts would be better served in an
appendix or just left to the tarball.  I'm indifferent, but I figured
I'd is certainly easier to just leave them out.

A short one or two paragrap page for each of random, compressdoc, and
netfs, looks a little funny to me with a page for each.  Can these three
possibly be combined with the "Using BLFS Boot Scripts" page, and have
that moved to the "After LFS" chapter?  I'll post proposed patches in
bz662 later today if I can get to it.

I appreciate any and all comments on the above.

-- DJ Lucas

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