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Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Sat Mar 20 09:55:03 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:

>Thank you very much for your closer look!
>My intention was to improve the book, without any harm to nobody.
>So if you now say, my changes where ok, I'm very glad.
>Let me know, if I can help you with more editing.
Sorry, I could not add the patch as is for the following reasons:

    * All the *-desc.xml files have been renamed to *-cont.xml. This
      makes it inconsistent with the naming standards for other packages.
    * Since the kde package is edited as a complete package, the
      kde-*-{build,size,time} & download entities should be in the
      kde.ent file to make the editing easier. Otherwise when updating
      the package, the editor would need to go into each individual file
      to update these entities.
    * The book was updated to kde-3.2.1, so it will take some more syncing.

Tushar Teredesai

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