lfs-bootscripts-2.0.0 (5.1.0 ???)

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Fri Mar 19 17:55:19 PST 2004

> Ok..the bootscript changes are finally here! :-D  I'm redoing the four
> that I already have done, but without the actual scripts.  I wanted to
> confirm what I read on lfs-dev.  Will there be a make target for
> installation of each package's bootscript or did I misinterpret that?
> Just need to know wether to update "Using BLFS Boot Scipts" and then do
> a 'make install <package>', or 'cp <script></script> <dest>'.
> And Zack, I'll put the service scripts on my ftp in about an hour and
> e-mail you with the addy.
> -- DJ Lucas

well, that was my 1/2 baked plan...  [aka, I dont have a better idea]

how does this sound for a standard?

make install-[script]  [will also do symlinks].  AFAIK, 2 scripts wont
have the same name.

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