gtk+2.4.0 released

Jürg Billeter j at
Thu Mar 18 23:29:15 PST 2004

On Don, 2004-03-18 at 23:14, Kelledin wrote:
> Well, it's source-compatible for stuff that doesn't turn on the 
> "*_DISABLE_DEPRECATED" macros.  Otherwise there might be some 
> compile breakage.  I've encountered this breakage in perhaps ten 
> Gnome 2.4 packages; it's a simple enough fix to just remove the 
> offending -D flags in the Makefiles.
> Presumably Gnome 2.6 will take care of most or all of this; it's 
> supposedly due out pretty soon.  Still, I'm considering advising 
> the Gnome developers to exclude those flags in "release" 
> packages.  That sort of thing is good for developers (the same 
> way "gcc -Wall -Werror" is) but causes problems for end-users 
> trying to compile "released" packages.  Beyond the annoyance of 
> having a compile break, it can also cause latent instability 
> even if the package appears to compile successfully.

This has already been done, at least most of the packages now include
these flags only in maintainer builds. Gnome 2.6 (as of RC1) builds of
course seamless without any Makefile modifications.

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