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Tue Mar 16 13:06:08 PST 2004

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 20:50:27 +0100 Reinhard Mantey <RMantey at> wrote:

> I also think, that Automated LFS is not a project for dumb users, who
> like to support brainless installation.

Neither do I. We're not talking about ALFS here. We're talking about BLFS.
BLFS is a book to be read by people. If you want to talk about ALFS, go to
alfs-discuss (where you won't find me, btw). 

> > If you want a dependency graph useful for automated processing, create
> > a new document.
> Sorry, but that's a poor statement. Only little changes are necessary,
> to fit that need 

Changes that defy the book's intentions. I just checked out the ffmpeg
section of BLFS and I think it is good as it is. XFree86 is an optional
dependency and the text says that if you want ffplay it is required. This
is all the information a reader needs and wants, so it is all the
information that should be in the book, no more, no less.

> I did not ask to change any rule of the book.

I thought you did. As far as I understood you, you want dependencies to
reflect the default build instructions, a policy that is currently not
used in the book.

> If your position stands for the whole comunity, 

YOU are part of that community, too, so obviously I do not speak for the
whole community. However, as you can see from Tushar's post, my position
does reflect what is currently the official policy for the BLFS book. You
are, of course, free to suggest a change of policy in this respect.


An army of sheep led by a lion
is stronger than an army of lions
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