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Reinhard bookreader at
Tue Mar 16 03:58:08 PST 2004

On Tuesday 16 March 2004 01:56, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> The definitions the book uses is "Required Dependency: A dependency
> without which the package will not build".

I agree on that.
Let me take an example:
I wanted to install imlib2 for other server-tools, but on my lfs-server-box I 
didn't want to install xfree86.

As the dependency of xfree86 is optional, I thought, I could build the library 
without having X. But that is not true.
The build will fail without X.

That's why I believe, XFree should be a required dependency for imlib2.

I don't know, whether you agree on this:
If configure checks the system and the build will succeed without a package, 
this package is optional.

And what do you think about ffmpeg?
Following the book, there's no dependency from ffmpeg to xfree and the build 
will fail with the install-instructions from the book.
Thus I believe, XFree should be required for ffmpeg.
Without X, the build of ffmpeg will fail, until you specify --disable-ffplay
The book does not use this option in the build-instructions thus requiring 
XFree beeing installed prior to building ffmpeg.
In this case, shouldn't be XFree a required dependency for ffmpeg?

Kind regards


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