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Reinhard bookreader at
Tue Mar 16 03:45:16 PST 2004

On Tuesday 16 March 2004 01:43, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> Reinhard wrote:
> >as no one shouted for veto, I changed the kde-tree to follow the
> > organization of the other chapters of the book.

Oups, I missed that one.

> It was deliberately done that way since all KDE packages are updated in 
> one go. An particular reason for the change?

I think, it is a good practice, share the "kde-version" on all kde-entities.
Sharing the common part of the URL is also well done.
I did NOT change any of this points.

I very hope, that I did not offend the author of these chapters. I took the 
empty directories for an intention combined with the lack of time.

What I consider 'suboptimal' is the definition of all kde-entities in one file 
(I haven't seen another chapter doing so). 
Most of the BLFS-chapters follow the rule, that there is an entity file and 
one or more content files, where all files of the same package have the same 
name. The content files have an additional suffix somewhat phony about the 
type of content.

If you look at the xml-version of the book not only as a source for the 
html-pages, but as a knowledge-base, there's much more the book can provide 
than just some beaty pages.

You know, I wrote a dependency-walker, which meanwhile growed up a bit and is 
a step toward "automated blfs".

But the result of such a "scanner" can only be as good as the base / the book.

Building my first box with blfs I did not only found bugs in my script, but 
also inconsistencies in the book. And if the output is the same, it would be 
no harm, do it a consistent way.

That was the only reason, I renamed the files of both gtk+ packages. And YES, 
I know, there name is gtk+

When I looked at the gtk-directories, I found, that the entity-file was named 
gtk.ent but the other files where named gtk+-*.xml - so to make it 
consistent, some files had to be renamed.
Further I supposed, that there might be a problem with the '+' in the filename 
and as the entity rules ... I renamed the rest to follow the name of the 

With the 'new' kde-tree, kde is not a single package but a conjunction of 
various packages, where each package could be installed separately following 
the dependencies.

I know, the intention of the book is to teach about linux, but I hope, the 
intention is not having to copy all the commands by fingertips?!?

Kind regards


P.S. This mail is already big enuf, so I gonna reply you other mails 

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