Gtk2 and gtk-config

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Mon Mar 15 06:26:42 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:
> Thank you Nathan, for your attention.
> The deeper I get into [B]LFS, the more I realize, how much I don't know 8-D
> I'm trapped by the great disadvantage of the distros - they keep you silly - 
> and I didn't cared much about working stuff.
>>>Does this mean, that each package, running gtk-config needs gtk-1 ?
>>GTK2, uses pkgconfig if I recall.  I dont think GTK2 can replace GTK1 like
>>you want above.
> Thank you for that light.
> I thought about GTK2 as a replacement for GTK1 and GTK1 beeing only there for 
> pretty old packages.
> When I got you right, I need both packages?
It depends what other packages you use, you can't use gtk2 to fullfill 
gtk1 dependencies. Think of gtk2 of a new package, not as a new version 
of gtk2. A lot of packages do that, if they increase the major version 
number compatibilty is broken, e.g. imlib2, postfix2. I for my part have 
removed all apps that need gtk1 from my system, and only use gtk2 apps, 
so I don't have to have both toolkits installed. Same goes for QT, I 
just can't bew bothered to install another widgetset, one is enough.


P.S.:Please reply to lfs-chat because this is very OT for blfs-dev

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