Michael Brömer mib at
Fri Mar 12 08:45:40 PST 2004

We list libogg-1.1 and libvorbis-1.0.1 as dependencies
for arts. But libogg-1.1 is a "Required" dependency
of libvorbis-1.0.1, so it is redundant as an arts
dependency. Or would it somehow be useful to install
libogg but not libvorbis?

We also list ALSA-1.0.2 as a dependency for arts. But
(AFAIK) arts uses only alsa-lib, wich implies alsa-driver
as a "Required" dependency. It most certainly does not
neeed alsa-firmware.

For all packages we have the dependency categories "Required" 
and "Optional" if any. With XFree we have a "Recommended"
categorie. Is this useful? Shouldn't expat-1.95.7, FreeType-2.1.5 
and Fontconfig-2.2.1 be listed as optional followed by the
the explaination we already have, why we choose to install

Oh, and there is a little typo on the XFree page:
"to instruct XFree86 build them." should be
"to instruct XFree86 to build them."


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