Bug in OpenOffice instructions

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at was.at.newmail.ru
Tue Mar 9 21:48:15 PST 2004

(This is against OpenOffice CVS 2004/03/07, so please confirm against 1.1.0)

Currently, we install OpenOffice with the following commands:

cd instsetoo/unxlngi4.pro/01/normal &&
cp install install.orig &&
sed -e "s:^oo_home=.*:oo_home=openoffice:" install.orig > install &&
./install --prefix=/opt &&
for appl in swriter scalc sdraw simpress smath soffice spadmin
do ln -sf /opt/openoffice/program/$appl /usr/bin/$appl

The problem is that sed changes the directory name in the installer only,
but not in the installed files. The string "OpenOffice.org" is used as a
part of the directory name in shortcuts that the installer creates for KDE.
As a result, clicking on an Excel file in Konqueror does not launch scalc,
and instaed the ugly "Program does not exist" dialog box appears.

My proposal is to drop the sed command or (someone else please) create a
patch for OpenOffice.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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