broken links

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Tue Mar 9 01:38:08 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:
> Hello,
> I found some broken links (cvs-version) and added a file where I put the 
> broken links in comment and in the line below a working download location.
> Hope that this is not only true for the old european countries...
> Then I tried to build imlib2 without having X - which failed.
> the configure-script breaks. May be XFree86 should be moved from
> "Optional" to "Required" dependency.
That is correct, X is required for building Imlib2 but not for running 
it. From the enlightenment website:

Imlib 2 can run without a display, so it can be easily used for 
background image processing for web sites or servers - it only requires 
the X libraries to be installed - that is all - it does not require an 
XServer to run unless you wish to display images.

So you're right this should probably be changed.


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