Formatting question

Reinhard bookreader at
Tue Mar 9 00:10:20 PST 2004

What do you think about inventing some other tags like <userinput> with the 
same formatting?


With a script that scans the book, a build-process could be created.

1. xinetd
The link-setup in /etc/rc.d/... is wrapped in <userinput><command>, which
IMHO is right.

The sample from the file "daemon.log" is wrapped in <userinput> and IMHO the 
output of a logger is definitely not a userinput. (Why not copy the 
userinput-formatting section and call it <useroutput> ?)

2. samba
The link-setup in /etc/rc.d/... is wrapped in <userinput>, but the <command> 
is missing.
Well, from my point of view the establishing of a link is a command.

The setup of the windoz-box is wrapped in <userinput>. How about using 
<wininput> or <xternalinput> to specify that the command should not be 
executed on the LFS-box? This tag could also have the same formatting as the 
<userinput> and there will be no visible changes, but the quality of the book 
(not only for human readers) increased a lot.

Kind regards


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