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Reinhard bookreader at
Mon Mar 8 23:29:34 PST 2004

Hi Dagmar

thank you for your attention.

> Just out of curiousity, why are you trying to build Pango without X?

May be, cause my english is not good enuf?
I'm pretty new to LFS/BLF and I didn't like to cut and paste all the commands 
from the book. 
As I love using regex, I started with the LFS book with the result of 3 
Makefiles and few scripts, so that I was able to build the LFS-base with 
about 3 user-interactions at all.

With BLFS I want to create two boxes: a PDC, which offers all reasonable 
services, but which not is intented to reach runlevel 5 and a fullfeatured 
multimedia client. Both boxes are (IMHO) quit different and I didn't want to 
spent the whole day with copy and paste.

I looked around for existing tools, but I didn't really found what I wanted, 
so I wrote a new script (inspired by the dependecy hint), which now is my 
"book-manager" or "package-manager" for BLFS.

First of all the script extracts all packages with a short description and I 
started with that base.
I didn't select Pango without X, but yes, I select libcroco and Pango is a 
required dependency.

I had to play a bit with the wish-list to eliminate all packages with required 
x dependencies. 
Well, that was the point I started.
I had to build quite a lot of packages, I don't have an idea from, but 
whenever I checked the dependencies from the script with the book or at 
freshmeat - the result was the same.

After your question I checked the description of Pango - ok, Pango is in the 
x-section of the book, but libcroco looks like it provides a useful service.
May be, my selection was some kind of foolish, but I learned a lot with the 
script and the book - so from my point of view - it was worth spending time 
on it :)

Cheers Reinhard

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