Courier Instructions

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Mar 6 09:31:12 PST 2004

DJ Lucas wrote:

> Rock on!  Thanks.  Still needs the mime.types file with a default build 
> of apache by BLFS for webmail....also, make install still fails as the 
> bin user is not created by BLFS default in any of the deps (scripting 
> builds) the interim, I created it, installed courier, and then 
> removed it, then just gave ownership to courier user.
> -- DJ

More probs with courier...the script as ships in the tarball is broken. 
  Lines 79 and 246, IIRC, call '$sbindir/courier'.  Both should be 
changed to '$sbindir/courier/courier'.  But I just rewrote the script in 
standard LFS style.  Also, by default courierfilter thows out an error....

/var/run/ Permission Denied

permissions for courier user, but the rest of pids and lock files are 
made root:root.  ?

-- DJ

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