MySQL password

rl at rl at
Wed Mar 3 00:48:37 PST 2004

On 2004-03-02 23:59:26 +0000, DJ Lucas wrote:
> I hit a very simple issue in mysql install.  Some people like secure 
> passwords for everything. 
While someone is looking at this, here is a gotchas that bit me:

When you install the perl modules to deal with mysql, the tests assume
there is no root password. If there is, the tests fail. There is a way
to force the installation, but it is much more reassuring for the tests
to pass.

Next, the script to start mysql 'safely' blocks any signal you might
use to shut down the database cleanly. I use some unusual init scripts,
so I did not test the BLFS one. IIRC, the BLFS script signals mysql to
shutdown with a signal that is ignored. Mysql will later be killed,
so it will not be able to shut down cleanly. Someone with a more
normal setup please check this out.


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