MySQL password

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Mar 2 21:59:26 PST 2004

I hit a very simple issue in mysql install.  Some people like secure 
passwords for everything.  When setting the password for mysql, regular 
shell escape rules apply.  This is just a suggestion, but IMO, it's 
worth a reminder in the book as passwords are not usually entered in 
this way.  Example:

'mysqladmin -u root password [new-password]' is listed in the book
if you wanted a password of 'mysql' this is fine.  Unfortunately, 
replace the 's' with a '$' and the 'l' with an '!' and things break.

Taking the above example, the correct command would be
'mysqladmin -u root password my\$q\!'  Or at least I don't think there 
is an easier way to enter it...if there is, just iggy me. :-)

And no, my mysqladmin password is not my$q! :-)  It's just a simple example.

TIA for consideration.

-- DJ Lucas

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