XFree-4.4.0 */me hide for rocks and debree*

remybosch at zonnet.nl remybosch at zonnet.nl
Mon Mar 1 07:39:00 PST 2004

Citeren Ronald Hummelink <maillist at hummelink.xs4all.nl>:
> The reasons for upgrading to 4.4 from the changelog are extremely
> minimal. (Explain to me why the New for 4.4 features page is for ~60%
> xterm, a seperate project). There seems to have been very very little
> development over the last year. The gain in upgrading does in my humble
> opinion not outweigh the other arguments.

Normaly one would expect 4.3.1 or so for such things... (IMO)

> Do we have mirrors providing BLFS sources, this is a hazy (legal) area
> according to senior gentoo people?

I thought only transferring the code from one base to another was restricted -
like X11 -> kernel fb - due to license reasons. It was not about distributing.
Becose of the license restricting freedom to copy (or steal) code, they don't
want to risk violating the X11/GNU license by accident.


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