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J.Paul Rinehimer wrote:
| Hi -
| I've been using linux on and off for a while now and was thinking about
| package management possibilities.  I wasn't sure where to post this, but
| I wanted to ask a bunch of developers to see if this is a suitable idea.
| I was thinking of developing wrapper scripts for make and/or install
| (most likely install...) that would just record what files were added
| to the system and would write the output to some logfile.  From
| what I understand, Installlog performs a similar function, but if the
| timestamps aren't changed properly, it fails.  By wrapping install, that
| could be overcome, unless of course the file used cp...  Has anyone
| tried this before?

I wrote a little c-program to scan the filesystem after running make
install. The files currently installed are stored in a sqlite-file. So i
don't have the problem with timestamps or if a programm uses cp or any
other methode move the files into final location because i just look in
the database to see if it was there before.

~   Pascal
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