[Fwd: Re: Beyond Linux From Scratch]

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Jun 13 12:01:31 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Bruce Dubbs said the following on 13-06-2004 05:00:
>> Guys,
>>  Some time ago, Larry started trying to get BLFS into The Linux 
>> Documentation Project.  I have followed up.  They are concerned about 
>> the license (even though it's identical to LFS which is already in 
>> TLDP) and copyright holder.  I'm posting a copy of my last email to 
>> let you see what is happening.  I want everyone to get the proper 
>> credit.  Should the copyright be held by one person?   Perhaps the 
>> Lead Editor for each release?  Jointly by all the editors for a 
>> release?  Set up LFS as a legal entity? (probably costs $)
>> Gerard alone has the LFS copyright.
>> Secondly, are there any objections to changing the copyright to the 
>> Open Content licence as listed below if it becomes necessary?
> BSD, GNU FDL, CC or Open Content; I don't care what license it is as 
> long as everyone who has contributed is properly credited, now and in 
> the future. 

I completely agree.

> Did they have any suggestions for a license which is suitable for us? 

I forwarded the message.  You know what I know.  I did go out to TLDP 
and looked at the licenses for recent additions.  One had the Open 
Content license and that seemed to do what we want.

> And what would be the consequences of assigning the copyright to one 
> person?

IANAL.  I can only speculate.  LFS is copyrighted by Gerard.  The 
credits are in both books. My guess is that the copyright owner is the 
one that gives permission about how to use the product.  That is, gets 
to say what the license the product uses.

  -- Bruce

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