Restructuring BLFS XML

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Tue Jun 8 18:17:52 PDT 2004

On Tuesday, June 08, 2004 at 20:03 -0500, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Well, if the BLFS book is going to undergo major changes, one of the 
> changes I'd like to see is that packages that are present in two 
> chapters (openssl, rsync, etc.) actually have complete instructions in 
> both chapters. I can't really say why I'd prefer to see it that way 
> (other than my own BLFS build profile has it that way), but if this was 
> done then there would be cross-chapter usage of the same entities.

I can't speak for Bruce, but I can't imagine duplicating
pages, when a link to the other page could be used instead.

Something such as what is found on:

Perhaps if the build instructions were dramatically 
different, then yes, it would be something to consider.
Think about an application such as Cyrus-SASL, where some
builders may only need the gssapi component, requiring
only building the libraries, while other builders need
the full SASL suite, including running a daemon.

Probably an even better example is Open-LDAP, where some
builders need a full LDAP server, while other builders
need nothing but the libraries.

I would think this would/could/should be covered all in
one page, and then referenced via links, though. Otherwise,
it seems the maintenance load just increases.


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